Mom’s 60th B’day Party…

Back 3 months ago, Mom said she wanted a festive b’day celebration on her 60th. We (my siblings and I) said “as you wish Mom”. So we made her a party where she can invite all her friends and our close relatives. The preparation was not really complex, but I got to admit that it was my sister who put more effort to arrange thingsΒ  here and there. We were only met several times to make sure everything has been ordered accordingly.

Funny that I was kinda nervous a night before the party. I was so worried that not many people could make it to come, because my Mom was keep talking about people who said they couldn’t make it due to varies of excuses.We had ordered 120 pax of food and some people just got to eat them all right? but of course it wasn’t about the food, it was about making sure that my Mom is content about the whole party. I hate to see her unhappy or disappointed especially today. I mean, please God, any other day but not today… well, not any other day too if You may… (doa orang labil)

Anyhow, miracle does happen, there they came, a lot of people. People the I know quite well, people that I do reckon the faces, and strangers (but of course my parents know them)… I was acting as the MC / Event Manager / Cake Distributor / Singer / Host. Well, we’re kinda lack of human resources here in our family who has only 5 members hehehe..

I love the party. I do. My good friends came to give a support and that’s really important to me. I met long-time-no-see relatives. I see people who really make an effort to come and greet my Mom sincerely, I really appreciate it. This is one of those little things where you can see whether a person really care of not.

The event rundown itself – honestly – was a bit unusual. Mom was the one who composed it. She was so excited about people who’ll show up and go to the stage in the party. We have Tari Tandok (from Bataknese), Upa -Upa (another bataknese ritual for blessings), Capoeira (Brazillian martial art). I was horrified the first time Mom say those are things she wanted in her party, but turned out it fit well and make the whole event funny and not too boring…

Long stort short, everybody had their time laughing, eating cake, mingling, waiting, watching, meeting each other, and Mom had what she wish for. Happy B’day Mommy, from your 3 little rascals, Deo, Lolo, & Rhea.

Here goes the pictures πŸ™‚

Mom preparing herself in her new dress πŸ™‚

My lovely sister, pretty huh?

Still in love after all this time ❀

me greeting all the guest... πŸ™‚

My Big Brother giving a welcoming speech... go brother!!!

B'day Girl about to blow the candle... she's so happy *giggle*

My Beloved Aunties and Uncles, they are adorable... *kiss*

Tari Tandok, quite festive!

the beautiful Alena a.k.a. my cake assitant... πŸ™‚

The Gank: Bobby, Elroy, Dinda, Alena, Rangga, Vary, Wimpy, Lia, Veny, and me

Alena and my future son in law - Elroy πŸ˜€

Our beautiful relatives... bunch of nice people πŸ™‚


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