Take another leap

I’ve decided that it’s time for me to take another leap in this life. To get out of my comfort zone (thou for someone with frame of mind like mine there’ll never be a comfort zone except my own bed). Gets ready to face the fear of not knowing but keep walking.  Embrace the new adventure in life. So last month I resigned from my office, not knowing where to work next.

This is NOT the first time I’m doing this. This will be the 3rd times I’m officially unemployed IF by the end of April I still can’t find a job. Not just a job, but THE job, something that I love and willing to spent my days working on it. And I’m not in a hurry whatsoever. All those unemployment time, it’s all by choice, NOT by circumstance. I chose to take a break from the busy working life. Back in 2008, I even wrote tips how to be a happy unemployed person! Hahaha! I’ll post it after this post.

Taking another leap in life it’s not something easy to do or even to decide. For me it takes a little faith and boldness mixed with craziness and impulsiveness. But I’ve decided long time ago that I just cannot let my life dwell in something that seemed like will never change year after year after year. All of my life I’ve been longing to keep traveling and see the world, to finish a book, and have my own painting exhibition. And a job that seemed or obvious not supporting me to go to that direction just need to be re-considered to take/keep.

Not that I’m saying my recent job failed to support me in those matters (well, no real job will 100% supporting that hobbies unless I’m a painter or traveler or writer), but life do comes with many options. I see no reason for me to stick to one institution just to secure a career, and I believe organizations nowadays ARE NOT that “insecure” to hire a talent that have been going around quite many times. I love Public Relations and no plan to start a career in another field. I’ll keep learning to master it and thank God, Public Relations is a very dynamic career, and lots of opportunities.

Back to “the leap” I’m taking, as much as it’s not easy, but must I say I’m excited. Looking forward to see what’s going on next in my life. Dealing with new people, see new places, doing new project, most likely received different amount of pay check hahaha… and the most important thing is to finish all the things that I’ve started. I think March is a bit too late to advertise my list of resolutions, right? So forget list and keep on living an exciting life.

Anyhow, I write this down so you – my friend – could wish me luck, I really –really need it! 😉


9 thoughts on “Take another leap

  1. hahahaha..u go girl!! menyenangkan yaa rasa setelah kirim itu resignation letter is breathtaking :p

    Btw , iya foto2nya bagus2..ciapa cih yg motoin? xixixixi

  2. Variii…. Hahaha… I was talking about it over and over again with you ya? dan FINALLY! it’s relieving indeed 🙂 so… mari menyambut Phukeett… 😀

    And for Vari & Silvia…

    Ehm, itu foto dari google search… terima kasih, saya memang pintar cari foto di google…

    dan Var, kalo ada yang bisa foto saya sebagus itu, saya bersedia foto telanjang dengan si fotografernya… hahahha…..

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