Don’t Let Them Steal Your Joy

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When love seems like lost its fire then tag along coldness and abandonment, don’t give up! You always could be the one for somebody. Love can always be rekindled, and no heart is too cold to feel the warmth of a sincere touch. Not yours or others.

When worry is overrules you and all the hardworks feels like never enough. Money, future, faithfulness seems erratic, and you feel like “that’s it!” let’s cheat, lie, steal, break things. No, don’t obstruct your value! Not all rifts can be mended, but most things can be elevated.

When boredom expanding inside you. Life’s routines sickening you and you lose the interest to carry on. Hang on! This is the right time to hold fast to your dream. Take only a little faith to keep you going. Take one “yes” without holding back to make it all come true.

Keep your mind open and have a minute of intermission. Take a deep breath and release it slow. Each of us is a great filtration of this world’s destructiveness. Anything that comes in anger, we can breathe out again in love and peace. We ameliorate, in anything!

It’s only the world we’re living in. Over centuries the stories tell that we are the man who can conquer all the odds, and there is only little things that can withstand a man who can conquer himself first. Need not to bend the rule of life’s game because what important is heart, not only yours but other people too, especially those you love so dearly.

You and I are not different, don’t let anything steal our joy!

taken from


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