Milestones of My Blogging Experience

blogging for dummiesI’ve been blogging since 2002. My first blog is on Live Journal, I blogged almost about anything I FEEL and I was totally anonymous. So anonymous that even I couldn’t track back my blog there now. I forgot the title! I’ve been trying to search it but… well, God must have a good reason for me NOT to find it – it must be really embarrassing. The blog was in Bahasa Indonesia, and I’m pretty sure it was such a mess! What can I say, newbie. Hahaha…

Then along came the era of social media that taught us very well about no more discretion in the virtual world. Everything needs to be open up, alias is no longer cool, in fact you can get your “virtual famous” in this digital media, where it SEEMS like everybody know you. I joined Friendster, they has blogging feature and I started blogging there. Sometimes in Bahasa Indonesia sometimes in English, depends on my mood. I realized that my English grammar is a mess – and still. But I believe writing in English will eventually help sharpen my English, and if I made a mistake I guess along the way people will help me out.  It’s really important to practice, or I will never ever confident enough to speak English.


By heart I knew that not many people read my blog, let alone give it a comment, but I know I don’t blog to amuse people or give them any additional reading materials. I blog because I want to remember what has happened in my life. I just want to leave a simple mark of this short life of mine. So I keep blogging on and off following my mood or daily “inspiration”. Unfortunately, Friendster became less and less popular, one by one all my friends immigrate to Facebook, so do I.

Since I don’t log-in to Friendster as much as before, I was confused again. Should I continue my Friendster blog? I consider opening a blog account in one of the blogger portal, and up until I wrote down this note, I can’t remember why I chose HUBPAGES in the end. Then I started blog there with all my heart and very inadequate capacity and talent. That was the first time I’m accustomed to terms like “traffic”, “statistic”, “comments”, “stars”, and anything related to monitoring the blog. I began to be conscious whether someone out there is actually reading my post. Hub is fun, at least at that time.

Start writing supposedly means you start reading other’s  writing too. I was starting to browse friends’ blog, and entertained even more by the world of blogging. None of them has a blog at Hubpages, I found that Hubpages is not really popular in Indonesia. But what the heck I thought, I’m not seeking for popularity. But then my mind play tricks on me, said why I don’t try another blog, I mean nothing to lose if the end I don’t use it at all. Then I give them all a try,  Blogspot, Multiply, and WordPress, and among them all I like WordPress the most. It’s significantly different from Hub, the posting system is more simple and the statistic page is hilariously easy to read yet complete. The themes are interesting, and I falling in love at the first sight with the dashboard. On 2008, I decided that I want to continue blogging at WordPress.

Somehow, I don’t want to mix my English post with the one in Bahasa Indonesia. I think I need to be consistent, so the one here in WordPress in English and anytime I feel like too write in Bahasa I put it in my Facebook’s notes feature (yeah right, as if I have time to write both in English or Bahasa). One thing for sure I never translate any of my writing, English to Indonesia or vice versa…  it’s kinda funny to do that, it’s weird! 😀

Several days ago, a friend –Erri – encouraged me to start blogging in Bahasa Indonesia and he specifically mentioned Kompasiana. He’s a blogger for sure. Oh my, can you imagine? I can’t even cope up with WordPress and Hubpages, then I make another blog in Bahasa? I’m not a writer, I don’t keep a diary, well, I was. That’s impossible to have that many blogs. But while trying to sleep that night, my mind ponders about the challenge. Again, there’s nothing to lose to try having another blog. It’s just another way to keep a note-of-life… I can always quit whenever I like, no one will hold me accountable for anything.

kompasiana3 days ago, I was officially open an account at It’s one of Indonesian blogger community that directly related to and (maybe) administer by one of the biggest and oldest newspaper in Indonesia, KOMPAS. Kompasiana has it’s own reputation. I’m planning to start really slow, just re-post notes that I’ve been writing long ago, to test the water. It’s been 2 days but I’ve learned a whole lot different deal there. The feeling itself is totally different with blogging here, but too soon to give a conclusion whether I like it or not. But I enjoy each and every new experience in life. Who knows, perhaps in the future there will be another new way to blog 😉

The funny thing is, I still don’t think myself as a blogger, I’m simply a memory-keeper.

Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it

We can Blog It!

😀 I put this pic here just because it looks funny! hihihi...


3 thoughts on “Milestones of My Blogging Experience

  1. Wah siapa tuh yang ‘attacking’ Lolo…. kurang ajar banget… *gulunglenganbaju
    Mana sini…. tak sobek2…. hehehe…. peace… *acungkanduajari

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