The 2nd Pilgrimage to Ambarawa: The art of losing is so hard to master.

Alex AbimanyuIt’s almost a year since my first pilgrimage to Alex’s grave at Ambarawa. It was such a heart moving journey, please read the story here. I barely knew Dinda at that time. Little I knew about her family too. But a year is not a long period to make 2 strangers become close friend especially when they are meant to be. Dinda and I shares our lives ever since and this time she really mean it when she asked me to accompany her to this pilgrimage. The first one she was actually ask Adi and Adi tagged me along. No hurt feeling. Hehehe…

To my blessing, a year not only made me close to Dinda but also to Alex’s mom & Dad (Dinda’s mother and father in-law), Om Djoeno and Tante Titi. Funny how life brings us somewhere we never imagine before or people that we never thought will be so close to, and story of life that we share so intensely.

on the way to Semarang by Train

Comfortable Trip 🙂

Just like last year, we went by train again. It was fun and comfortable, and good to know that Indonesia have a quite good public transportation that we can actually enjoy. 7 hours on the train and I didn’t feel even close to bored. Well the credit also goes to my notebook (with collection of movies in there), as well as social media. *grin*. Arrived at Semarang, Om Djoeno picked us up and took us to Ambarawa, first to Alex’s grave. It was raining really hard on the way from Semarang to Ambarawa, but God listen to our prayers, it became a little drizzle when we arrived at the cemetery, almost 6 pm and dark. So far, this is my favorite cemetery. I know it’s weird to have favorite cemetery, but don’t know why I like this one a lot, and I’ve been to some cemeteries. We couldn’t stay too long there since it supposedly closed already. Our prayer short but there’s a good relieve to be there.

on the way to Ambarawa

Get a flower bouquet for Alex

First visit to Alex

Om Hardjoeno at Alex's Grave

Om Hardjoeno and Alex

Then we had out dinner at Goa Maria Kerep. Om Djoeno granted my plea. 😉 I was dreaming about having satay here since our last trip. Hehehe. This time we had only 2 kind of satay, cow lard satay (all fat) and rabbit satay (yeah we ate bugs bunny’s little nephews). It’s simply, delicious and enjoyable, not to mention the laugh we had. The thing with Om Djoene is you’ll never run out of conversation. He always has story to tell and all interesting.

All Satay at Goa Maria Kerep Ambarawa

All Satay at Goa Maria Kerep Ambarawa

All Satay at Goa Maria Kerep Ambarawa

Hungry eh? 😀

We stay at Om Djoeno’s relative’s house , an old house that reminds me so much of my childhood. The house is really clean. I remember, I sat there quite and listen to them conversing in Javanese language that I don’t understand but love to hear. A family conversation. Dinda and I spent a few hours to midnight to edit photos that we took the whole day and up load it to Facebook. Lovely day indeed, I’m grateful.

I woke up quite early on Sunday and immediately took a bath. We were planning to go early in the morning to visit Alex again. Tante Titi went to church and Om Djoeno visit a relative. Dinda and I then had our pizza breakfast and again took pictures just to kill time hihihi. I had a nice conversation with one of the family member about entrepreneurship, and at 10 AM off we go to Alex. Will it be weird if I want to be buried here? Well despite they won’t allow it cuz I’m not a Catholic. This time we stay longer and pray endearingly. I don’t know Alex, but I know no matter how long the people we love gone, takes only second to bring them back and all the missing-deeply feeling resume like it was only yesterday. Dear Alex, you’ve been missing badly!

second day visiting Alex Abimanyu's grave

second visit to Alex

second day visiting Alex Abimanyu's grave

A father's pray...

Second day visiting Alex Abimanyu's grave

A Mother's pray...

Second day visiting Alex Abimanyu's grave

a Wife's pray...

Eventhou we didn’t feel like leaving yet, but we must. Om Djoeno flight back to Jakarta is in 1 pm. So we took him to the airport, ending this really short pilgrimage. Took Tante Titi to her sister’s house so she can spend sometime, then Dinda & I went sightseeing around Semarang. First we went to the gift store, and bought several Semarang’s trademark snack Lunpia for our family. Then we had our lunch at Bebek Haji Slamet (not as good as the one we had in Jogya), then we go to one of the famous tourist site in the middle of Semarang city, Lawang Sewu.

Lawang Sewu Semarang

picture taken from

After 4 times come to Semarang, this is my first visit here to Lawang Sewu. I heard that this place is totally spooky! Mostly because there once this ghost hunter reality shows “Penampakan” had their shot here. This building was designed by a Dutch architect from the firm of C. Citroen JF Klinkhamer and B.J. Quendag in 1903 and completed in 1907. This building was originally used for offices Spoorweg Nederlands-Indische Maatschappij or NIS, Belanda railway companies. After the Japanese took over Indonesia from the Dutch in 1942, the basement of this building was previously a drain turned into the dungeon as well as sewer water. Hundreds of prisoners died there, and their body dumped to the river besides the building. That’s why the building became spooky. This building is the witness to fierce battles between the people of Indonesia with Japanese soldiers known as the Five Days Battle in Semarang (October 14, 1945 – October 19, 1945). To commemorate these historic events, a few years later the government built a monument in the courtyard Wilhelmina Park in front of Lawang Sewu is now known as Monument Muda.

Lawang Sewu has hundreds doors and windows that make it so grand and a good place to take picture. Dinda and I took quite a lot pic, and true we had goosebumps several times there. Our guide was the passionate young man that as passionate as us to be a photographer instead telling the History of Lawang Sewu. Hahaha. Check out our cool pics. After that we immediately embark to the train station and went back to Jakarta with a grateful heart. We arrived in Gambir, Jakarta at 10 pm.

at Lawang Sewu

Models at Lawang Sewu 😀

at Lawang Sewu - Semarang

at Lawang Sewu - Semarang

at Lawang Sewu - Semarang

at Lawang Sewu - Semarang

at Lawang Sewu - Semarang

horror eih? 😀

What I learned about life in this trip is different with the first one. Last year trip I learned about true love, about surviving. And this year, like a movie that you fast forward, I learn about mastering the art of losing. Each and every of us has our own way to dealing with losing. It’s been a real hard year for those Alex left behind especially Dinda, Om Djoeno and Tante Titi. I was sit there and observing. I personally admire their pertinacity through the year. They cry in sadness but it doesn’t make them maudlin. They feel lonely but not depressed. Usually when we lose one we love, our bitterest tears are called forth by the memory of hours when we loved not enough, but not this special bunch of people. Losing seems like make them even wiser, more compassionate, more patient, and even more appreciate life. They’re stronger than ever. I believe that if they pass this one, they’ll pass any hardship in life without losing their benevolences, nothing can break their spirit.

I know for sure that I’m not a person who easily able to master the art of losing. In fact it takes so much for me just to forget one that doesn’t even love me, and they’re still alive. So I’m thankful for life lessons God want me to learn in this trip. Losing someone in life is inevitable but don’t let yesterday take up too much of your today and tomorrow, we have so much to love.


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