[Painting] Long Finished Painting: Butterflies in The Sun

Took quite sometimes to finished this one. Well, most of my painting are in a quite small medium – A3 paper – then it doesn’t take too long to get one done, supposedly. I started to paint this one around 6 months ago, when I was so eager to paint butterflies on a bright red background, but I was stuck there. Maybe my concept wasn’t too strong. Took around 9 hours just to draw and paint the butterflies.

But yesterday, I was looking at it again and again. I then imagine the butterfly between flowers and the soft pollens floating around. So, took another couple of hours, I finally consider this one done. I like the bright colors!

I hope you like it too: Butterflies in the Sun.

Butterflies In the Sun by Lolo Sianipar

Butterflies In the Sun by Lolo Sianipar; water color on paper; size A3 (297mm × 420mm)


6 thoughts on “[Painting] Long Finished Painting: Butterflies in The Sun

  1. This is a fun image. I can picture this used as a the design for fabric used in sewing.
    I like the addition of the white-mini dots which look like sparkles which is your interpretation of pollens in the art form.

    Taking this path in life is good for you; I need to decide when to take that step, too. It is really needed.

  2. Yeah, that’s a good idea Grace 🙂 for garment 🙂

    I always following your cooking in your blog… I think I need to take that path too soon… I love cooking only haven’t got the right place and equipment… my place is too small for a complicated receipe. 🙂

    But thanks for the encouraging words… means a lot…

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