Lovely Weekend: Beauty Saloon, Food & Suddenly Concert

lolo's sleeping weekendIt was officially 40 hours I’ve been stayed in my room before I finally go out last Saturday morning. The mood was so low due to my cancelled trip to Gili, Lombok. I’m blaming myself for didn’t make plan B n C as usual. This time I was so sure that I took it for granted. Well, I got my lesson but still my mood was crashed to the ground. Anyhow, there’s nothing so painful with spending days on the bed in your own room. In fact when I feel so depressed and anti social, I can do it for 3 days in a row without any remorse feeling or an urge to meet other human being. I can be such a total loner and it can be so self-indulging sometimes.

weekend with Veni

Veni got pampered!

Thank God for a friend who’s by instinct knows that something wrong and give you a call to get you out of the misery. Several friends did call me to ask me out on Friday night, but I wasn’t in the zone yet. Saturday morning, Veni called me right when I’m so hungry, so no reason to reject her invitation to accompany her go to the beauty parlor to cut hair and have mani-pedicure, lotsa food around there. I ate 3 types of foods in a row and had pedicure. You should try di Laris Love Salon at Benhill, pedicure only IDR 25.000! Geez!. After that Riana called me, asking whether I’m interested to go with her to this secret place (sorry couldn’t tell you the about this destination). I said yes, so Veni dropped me off to meet Riana. We go to the secret place, and turn out it was quite a mind boggling experience for me. And then a bbm popped up  from my friend Dien, saying “Rather than being disappointed why don’t you come and join me to these concerts, Langit Musik and later Suede, I have free tickets if you want it…” . Yeah, I was put “disappointed” as my BB status that time. And someone actually pay attention.

Hm, I don’t know about you guys, but for me, I’m easily moved by small attention, little sweet surprises and all small stuff that some people think kinda phony.  But to know that someone out there really care, man or woman, young or old, and they’re showing it, it’s priceless, it shows compassion does exist, a sincere one. I feel phony too when I do that to other people but they need it as much as I am, I guess. Even a short sentence on chat says “I hope everything’s fine with you” can make my eyes hot and blurry. Of course I don’t tell them that, kinda cheesy. 😀

So, yeah, Riana drop me off at Epicentrum Walk to meet my friend. Unfortunately it was afternoon praying break (sholat Maghrib) when I arrived at Langit Music. No band playing on the stage and I just went around to see to what’s going on around. The crowd was waaay younger than me, all teenagers. I feel kinda old there.;) Then we went to Pekan Raya Jakarta, Kemayoran to another event called Blackberry Live&Rockin’, of course one of Blackberry’s event. I seriously had had no idea what’s even is this, or who’s going to perform except Suede. I was taking my chances. The traffic was friendly and we got no trouble at all to find a parking spot. That made me a little bit suspicious,  cuz my friend said that they predict there will be 12.000 people participating in the event, it didn’t seem like that.

Blacberry Live & Rockin' Kemayoran 2011 Lolo

Proof! I was totally here! 😀

As I step in the venue, no crazy crowd. Well, enough people but not crowded. Not like the last time I went to Java Jazz. We went straight to the hall and found that a boy band call 2PM just done showing. Thank God cuz I don’t feel like seeing a Korean Band whatosoever, but I hear the teens girls went totally nuts about them. My friend asked the committee regarding the next performance, and found out Shontelle will perform soon, then Taio Cruz , follow by Suede.  How lovely right? No queuing, no bumping at other people, no hot sticky air, no long waiting from one performance to another.


Shontelle (pic taken from Wikipedia)

Shontelle performance opened by a DJ playing a medley of all hip dance R&B songs for about 30 minutes to create the vibe I suppose, but it was kinda too long. Honestly I’m not too familiar with Shontelle. I know she is R&B singer but as she stepping on the stage I still couldn’t recall any of her song. But you need not to be familiar just to enjoy a good song or performance or concert, when they’re good, they’re just good.  Shontelle’s performance was OK, only I can’t find any distinctive features in her voice compared to other female R&B singer such as Tamia, Ashanti, Nicky Minaj (minus the rap), even Rihanna. So yeah, I was entertained. I wish she was taking more dancers with her, it’ll be more entertaining.

Blackberry Live & Rockin' Kemayoran - Shontelle

Shontelle (I know the pic kinda blury)

Not too long after Shontelle, Taio Cruz showed up. Guess its obvious that Taio has more fans than Shontelle cuz the teenagers suddenly rushing to the stage and start yelling his name. Seriously, I never heard about Taio before but when the crowd start to hum or mumbling one of his song  I remember that once a friend sang it on our karaoke session and I heard it several times, here and there. I googled him and found out his real name is Adetayo Ayowale Onile-Ere and he’s an Englishman. Just over two years ago, he released his first U.S. single, “Break Your Heart.” Since then, he has exploded in popularity — selling over 8 million copies of his singles. He was as a songwriter, he made the successful transition to performer and producer. Interesting. Nominated for several prestigious awards and performed in so many grand events. I feel lucky to be able to see him performing live. As for the performance, I can say it was a great overall showing. His vocals were very solid and all live, so he gets credit for that. Taio is not a dancer but he engages the crowd well and you can tell that he enjoys himself up there. He sang his hits songs such as “Higher” and “Dynamite”… tell you again, I totally enjoyed it.

Blackberry Live & Rockin' Kemayoran - Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz on the stage 🙂 still blurry...

There was 1 hour long intermission between Taio Cruz to Suede, the only performer that I’m looking forward to see that night, and the only one I know. I mean it’s Suede! We had our dinner whilst waiting for them. A quite tasty Hot Dog for me. Yum! Happy tummy!

Blacberry Live & Rockin' Kemayoran 2011 Lolo

Another Proof... oh yeah 🙂

Speaking of Suede, they were so famous back at the end of my high school time. I remember that we were playing Beautiful One over and over again during our class photo session for our Yearly Book, back to 1997.  So yeah, I have this sentimental recollection emerge  everytime I listen to this particular song. I also I like Saturday Night. Brett Anderson is a great performer, world class! I was mesmerized by him. Truly rapture by the way he sing and dance. The whole band so powerful! I can feel the energy build up inside me and I just couldn’t move my eyes from him. Not enough words to explain how I feel. I love this concert!! Thank you Dien for taking me here!

Blackberry Live & Rockin' Kemayoran - Suede

Love you Brett Anderson!!!

Blackberry Live & Rockin' Kemayoran - Suede


By 11.30 pm we embark home. I’m so grateful. Being hand over from one good friend to another (in a good way hihihi) and had a great time with each. Okay so that won’t beat being in Gili, sipping beer Bintang by the beach, but this is one of those Saturday night that I’ll remember forever. O C’mon, how many of you ever see Shontelle, Taio Cruz and Suede in one night? Ha! 😀

Blacberry Live & Rockin' Kemayoran 2011 Lolo

Dien & I! Cheers!


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