[Painting] 1st of April Painting: The Circles of Pastel Life

brushes from googlePainting this one was fun yet quite painful. I wish I could count how many circles I made for this painting, thousands I guess. First, I drew the circles with pencils, cuz I’m not really good in painting without sketch it first. To use another method, like just color the layer of circles with different colors then put circles in each layers is not an option for me. Not that I haven’t tried that.

Done with the sketch then I filled each circles with different colors (meaning another circles making). I made some mistake, sometimes I brush the paint not noticing that the one right beside it haven’t dried perfectly yet. They were instantly collided. I have to clean it and re-do it again.

The selection of the color was also challenging. As you can see from my previous painting (perhaps you want to see it here and here) I’m so into bright blocking colors. This time I decided to try pastels. And I like it, although when you contrast it with black, they are not as soft as when it just with a white background. Hm, that makes me think, should I try another one in with white background? Another circles? Oh no!

My Palette 🙂 cheap one!

The circling with black color was one of the most painful processes. I cannot re-do the coloring because I already washed away most of the paint from my palette. I have small palette. See? If I want to re-do one circles, I have to re-do the whole circles in the same layer with new color. So it was sorta no room for mistake with the black one for me. 🙂 Gosh, I almost give up, so tired with the circles. Not to mention I have to be really careful, and concentrate. Almost give up.… 😀

Now, why I chose this concept? Circles been occupied my mind before I start sketching this painting. Lotsa circles, colorful circles, varies size circles, and life itself is circles, sure metaphorically. Circles like bubbles, like beads, like small stones. 🙂 it’s okay if you don’t get what I mean. I’m mumbling.

Anyhow, this is the result and I quite like it… looks complicated ya? But that’s life we insist to make it more complicated than it should be. I put the title The Circles of Pastel Life.

Need two weeks to get this done, but overall took maybe around 35 hours.

Next is blue water fish… Oh I can’t wait! 😀

the circles of pastel life - Lolo Sianipar

The Circles of Pastel Life by Lolo; Water Color on Paper; size: A3 (297mm × 420mm)


7 thoughts on “[Painting] 1st of April Painting: The Circles of Pastel Life

  1. Erri, hihihi… I don’t know about being talented… all I know I need to channel these crazy things inside my mind or I’m literally going crazy 😀

    thanks good pal! :))

  2. Hi, Lolo
    Yes, life takes you on many roads and sometimes you can go in circles, perhaps repeating something you did in another year; You may have enjoyed it or may care not to repeat.
    I’m sure that as each person views this painting, they get something different out of it.
    The circle on the lower left could be created into a type of jewelry, a medallion.
    For me, since I’m always reading up on new recipes and food, , the pastel yellow circles look like many cinnamon rolls all in a row on a bakery shelf.

    Looking forward to see the next painting using the white background.

  3. Dear Grace!

    Hahaha true indeed what you said about getting something different out of looking a painting… I experienced that with many paintings I saw, other’s painting…

    The cinnamon rool…. hmm….

    Ah, the white background… I’ll try 😀


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