My First Henna Tattoo

Due to Veni’s Indian’s theme wedding party and Veni as a bride getting a henna tattoo, me – as the best friend – had my hand and arms tattooed as well. This is my first time that’s why I feel so excited. I’ve seen lotsa exotic Indian girls get her henna tattoo all over her body, mostly in the movie, and thinking that someday I’ll try it.

Mehndi is another word for henna tattoos. It is represents the art of decorating the body with intricate and detailed patterns and artwork. The art itself comes from the Indian culture.The first question one might ask is: what is exactly is henna? Henna is a natural material derived from the dried powder of plant leaves. It often appears as a green powder, and most Indian stores sell henna, or you can find it at a lot of Middle Eastern groceries. Here’s Wikipedia link the get more information about Henna Tattoo.

At first I thought that henna will be always in red color, but then I know that they came with lotsa color plus glitter. So it’s more and more fancy nowadays. So I asked the Henna lady named Taz about henna tattoo, and here’s our Q&A. Oh, if her answers is not true, is not my fault. Heheheh… here it goes:

Me: How many henna’s color available?
Taz: mostly black and red. Other colors are additional from the glitter.

Me: What’s the different?
Taz: The black one is last longer than the red one. The black one can stay 1 week or more depends on how we maintain it. The red one perhaps only 3- 4 days.

Me: oh that’s why the black one is more expensive than the red one?
Taz: yes

Me: Is it the same henna ink that those people use for temporary tattoo, like in Kuta Bali?
Taz: No, it’s different. The one I use I import from India. Those people might add some chemical to make the color last,, it’s the cheaper version.

Me: you’re applying the henna with a piping bag like those used for icing when decorating a cake. Is it the only way to apply it?
Taz: for mostly yes.

Me: You just draw it freehand? You don’t need a sample picture? Something you can copy?
Taz: it depends on the customer, some of them already have pattern the want to apply, but for those who leave it to me, yes, I draw it freehand using reference from these books (she brought with her several henna’s tattoo pattern books). For beginner, there are patterns available on the stores or you can draw it with eyebrow pencil first.

Me: how if you make mistake?
Taz: I must quickly erase it with tissue and alcohol

Me: How long it takes to allow the henna to be absorbed into the skin?
Taz: Took around 2 – 3 hours so it can dry perfectly then the henna will peel out by itself but then we can clean it out.

Me: That’s all?
Taz: then I put this special oil to make the henna last longer and make the color more beautiful. but you must immediately wash the oil after 30 minutes or the tattoo gets thicker.

Took almost 10 hours for Veni to get done with her henna tattoo on hands and arms, plus both her feet. and then put some glitters on it. I’m so impatient that I start drawing myself the henna. Heheheh… I felt quite satisfied with my work. Taz helped me out with the details, and put my name on it. hehehe….

If you wish to have it too you can call Taz on 08123036050 or SMS to 08992536071 or their facebook or email them For one side arms / legs is IDR 50.000 (USD 4 to 5) – The Black Henna + glitters, only IDR 25.000 (USD 3) for the red henna.

Here’s the result of my henna tattoo

Taz is doing my hand

Lolo's henna tattoo

My Mehndi

Dinda got her neck henna tattoo too... 🙂

Veni's hand, just started.

Here’s the video that I found from You tube in case you’re still curious


4 thoughts on “My First Henna Tattoo

  1. Hi, Lolo,
    Your Henna tattoo (Mehndi) is very pretty especially with your own artistic ability added; funny you were impatient for the process to be complete.

    Henna tattoo is something I placed on my “bucket list” for the next time we take a vacation in a warm climate like Florida. Now, just remember all the items when that vacation comes. LOL.

  2. Dear Grace,

    yes, you should try it! it’s really fun, only 2 weeks and nothing to lose, oh, but people staring at you in public place hahahah…

    show me the picture once you try it yaa…


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