[Painting] On bigger paper size: Sunset in a Pasture

The last time I post about my painting I made time whining about running out of paper and how expensive the new 300gr paper I wanted, IDR 580.000 per book 20 sheets Gosh! But bless in disguise indeed. last week I went to Gunung Agung, Pacific Place looking for cheaper paper that I can afford and voila! I found A2 size paper 270gr with good quality only for IDR 19.000 per paper. They don’t stock the paper in the store at that time, and promise to deliver it straight to my door! I order only 6 sheets to see whether I like it or not. Halleluya! they arrived save and sound 🙂 my gratitude for Gunung Agung book store, plus they said they’re just a phone away and will deliver anything that I want in terms of painting tools. *dancing*. Bye Bye Gramedia.

In my euphoria facing the giant blank paper (compared with A3 paper that I normally use), I started to build mental picture of what I want to paint next. Sunset still on my mind! I’ve done with teal sunset before (wanna see? Click here) now I’ll go with the true sunset color, bright bright orange.

Oh, the paper absorbed the paint happily, beautifully, and it’s dries perfectly, makes me happy as I brushed the paint and make big-big sun, and big-big orange sky. Big size paper has it’s own challenge, especially for me who likes to paint in detail. Those detail must be able to create balance and on big paper details means extra patience and diligent. Thank God that I’ve trained well when I’m painting The Circle of Pastel Life hahaha..

I really like the gradation of orange nuance, and the detail of the tree that bow to the sun as the gesture of respect and awe. Hellow there Sunset  in a Pasture.

Please spare a little time to let me know how you feel about my first bigger painting… hehehe…

Sunset in a Pasteur by Lolo Sianipar

Sunset in a Pasteur by Lolo; Water Color on Paper; size: A2 (420 mm x 594 mm)

And this is the step by step…

sunset in a pasteur step by step

Sunset in a Pasteur - step by step


7 thoughts on “[Painting] On bigger paper size: Sunset in a Pasture

  1. wow… beautifulll…..
    a little girl watching the sunset accompanied by the tree would be nice… 🙂
    eh, have you drew a little girl..?

  2. Horas Lolo 🙂
    I’ve been visiting your blog on and off, since I came across it by a chance. Never left any message before.
    I do enjoy your writings, but it’s your paintings that make me writing this comment 🙂
    I’ve observed (even by not reading related post) that you like to draw circle and have drawn loads of them 🙂
    There was a famous Italian painter from the old age, Giotto di Bondone, he was famous because he was able to draw a perfect circle by hand only.
    I’m curious, do you use any tool to draw those circles? cause your circles are neat, especially here https://lolosianipar.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/painting-1st-of-april-painting-the-circles-of-pastel-life/. If not, have you been specifically practising making circles?
    Do you only paint with watercolur?
    Hope to see more of your painting works 🙂

  3. Horas Ouli,

    Thank you for finally drop me a comment… really appreciate it especially that you took time to observe the way I paint.

    About the circle, to be precise I like to draw lots and lots of curves… I found curves more intriguing than lines, thou mixing them is fun as well. I draw all the curves and circles by hands, but of course I sketch it with pencil first. quite tiring but it’s rewarding in the end, I mean to see the “neat” result. I also like to paint inside the lines… it sooth me in the weirdest way .. ; )

    since you mentioned Giotto di Bondone, i googled him and his works. His ideas were pretty vivid, i bet the one that they’re talking about – the perfect circle – was his panting St. Paul with his halo, please correct me if I’m wrong… 🙂 his work is amazing…. and as good as Da Vinci’s… of course he’s way older.

    Yes, I chose to paint in water color… first, i don’t have my own studio, and water color has no odor and easier to clean up. 🙂 second, i want to master it. the brushing, absorbing, paper, stroke, etc…. i want to give it 1001 method and style… then perhaps i’ll consider to move to another media/paint.

    I’m quite talkative, aren’t I? 🙂 but glad that i get it out of my chest…

    btw, is that really your blog? wow, looks neat… really neat… 🙂


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