The Beginning of My Journey with Pink Shimmer Inc.


I’ve wanted to be involved in a social community all my life. I’ve wanted to do something for humanity. Not in a big scale, not because I have a beautiful heart, not because I have a lot of spare time, but because I need to validate the fact that I’m actually able to do something without wanting anything in return. That I’m capable to influent people to join a higher cause even when it brings no benefit for them personally, even if it’s one person only. My ideal personal CSR is education for underprivileged children, but  by God’s will I found out about Pink Shimmer Inc. instead … and maybe because being a Nun is not an option too. hihihi…

pink_shimmerinc dinda by Adi Siagian

Dinda - photo by Adi Siagian

If there’s any good reason why I’m still single or still working in this particular office up until now, I believe it is because God want me to do something like this first. I know, that was such a strong statement. But YES, doing a social work needs a lot of faith, a lot of time & energy especially if you have to start from scrap. Pink Shimmer Inc started by Dinda and her late husband Alex, but before they have any chance to do something about it, Alex passed away. As I sit there and listen to the whole story behind Pink shimmer Inc from Dinda as Breast Cancer survivor, I know by heart that I want to be involved in it. Alex is not around anymore, someone need to make the dream alive, and Dinda need a companion to travel the road. I step up to the challenge. There’s no coincidence in this life.

Our first event, the “Tidak Sendiri…” Breast cancer survivor Photo Exhibition conducted last October (the International month of breast cancer awareness) at Grand Indonesia. It was started from a very brief brainstorm between Dinda, Adi & I at Dinda’s room, last July. At that moment, I know Dinda’s personal experience and as long as we’re committed we’re all can make it happen. Yes, we made it! but trust me, the road was rocky, bumpy, narrow and so disheartening at some points. But I was so glad that no one quit… wait, one person quit… but that one were replaced but many others who’s more than willing to sacrifice not only their time, but also energy, money, spirit, and it was such a beautiful moment of camaraderie. I am falling in love with each and every person that involved in the project. True friends indeed.

Lelang Foto - Sesy Idris (MC) dan Amir Sidharta (1)

Photo Auction - Sesy Idris (MC) dan Amir Sidharta

The Talkshow - Tidak Sendiri

Was it successful? Well, it depends on your point of view and how you compare one humble photo exhibition to other grand exhibition. But I’m proudly say: YES, it was a success. We started from zero, we’re beaten up, tired, no budget to start, we have to reach into our personal pocket, and we have to reach deep, but we raise more than IDR. 8 millions for Yayasan Kanker Payudara (Indonesian Cancer Foundation) – our official partner for the event – and we made 13 beautiful photos of the survivor. More than that , we made our name – Pink shimmer Inc heard officially as one community that focus on Breast Cancer. I’m so proud, for a community that actually established and able to make things happen. That’s added to the faith.

Us - minus Adi, cuz hes taking the picture... well, or it wont be this good! 🙂

So it’s not me doing something for humanity, but humanity did something for my faith. When the event done, I know, I can actually did it, to start from nothing, to be committed, to be more faithful, to not easily giving up when things bring me down in the middle of the journey. Yes, I can.

I have no idea how long I’ll stay and contribute in the Pink shimmer inc, but this is one journey worth to remember, and I’ll do my best to make things happen in this beautiful pink community and nurture true friendship. I wish more people will join us to fight the fear of Breast Cancer.

Several beautiful pictures of Breast Cancer Survivor all taken by the talented Adi Siagian.

Pink Shimmer Inc. (oh! this is my hand! beautiful eih?) 😀

photo by Adi Siagian

Tidak Sendiri

Anakku - photo by Adi Siagian

My Son

photo by Adi Siagian



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