The Unforgettable Derawan (day 2) – Island hopping

Derawan island by Lolo sianipar

It was a bit cloudy in the morning

I woke up early with a total excitement that it’s going to be one good day. We had nasi kuning for breakfast, packing whatever we need for whole day swimming. I rent a snorkel set without fin shoes because they don’t have my size. Quite cheap, only IDR 35.000 for whole day rent. We went back to the jetty, get in the boat.

Derawan trip - on the boat

happy island hopper ready on the boat

The first snorkeling spot is Sangalaki Island. We stop at a site around Sangalaki and it started to rain quite hard for around 15 minutes then it suddenly stop. I went snorkeling and the coral is really sublime! It wasn’t that good when I look down from the boat, but if I swim quite far, there are several good spot with colorful corals and fish. Oh I wish I have underwater camera to take picture of all those beautiful creatures! I was snorkeling for around 30 minutes or so and get in the boat (called back to be precise). We were moving to another side of the island and pulled over at a beach. Well, the rest of the story in the island we all can see in the photos. Oh, the cute baby turtle!

Sangalaki Island

Pretty Tourists 🙂

Derawan Island - Baby Turtle

cute baby turtle, no worry they will be released tonight...

sangalaki island

me 🙂

After that we’re moving to Kakaban Island. It took around 15  to 20 minutes from one island to another. But took another 30 minutes for the boat driver (I won’t say he’s a captain since he’s not looking competent at all) to turn on the engine – again. Kinda pissed me off this time cuz that’s mean lessen my snorkeling time. Anyhow we get to Kakaban and pulled over on a beach and had our lunch there. Vari told me that Kakaban is the most wonderful island among Maratua and Sangalaki, I can’t wait to be in the water again. The lunch is quite nice even thou its cold already.

Kakaban Island by Lolo sianipar

Kakaban Island

Kakaban Island by Lolo sianipar

Hot day on Kakaban Island, but it makes the sky look good!

After lunch, we have to climb many stairs to cross to the other sides of the island then diving in a bay, where there will be a lot of jelly fish. The ladders was quite exhausting to be passed. Each stepladder is quite high and trust me its not only a few, but the scene is beautiful so it’s worth it, plus I’m looking forward to meet Jelly fish. After we arrived on the other side of the island, there is wooden deck where we can put out belongings and snorkeling there. There’s no wave at all, it was so peaceful.

I jump to the sea and – Oh my goodness! – I was instantly surrounded by thousands of jelly fish in any size! They’re so tempting to touch and I touched a lot of them. So lovely, so fun! I can’t get enough of this experience. We took many underwater picture with the jelly fish and I did kiss them. I even talked to them since they look so ignorant, swimming here and there purposeless. Hahaha. Crazy me eh? Anyway that was one of the most fun snorkeling moments by far.  We were snorkeling for an hour or so then we must get ready for next island. This time to get to the boat we must go to the jetty and walking pass the coral since it was low tide already and the boat can’t reach the jetty. The day was really-really – really hot! Again, took another 30 minutes or less for the boat’s driver turn on the engine to the point where we’re all started to feel worry. I got a bad feeling about this.

Jelly Fish at Kakaban Island

Jelly Fish, Kakaban Island

Jelly Fish at Kakaban Island

How lovely... !

Jelly Fish at Kakaban Island

Me and Jelly Fish... but no worry (s)he's okay... a bit dizzy I guess...

Next destination is Maratua island, our last snorkeling session and I feel a bit upset because it seems too much time wasted already. The site on Maratua also beautiful, the sea is shallow so the coral is so close to us. But of course we all know we cannot go around touching the coral right? they are sensitive. I had a great time swimming here n there, and again a bit upset when Malik called us to be back on the boat. Arrkghhh… I’m not satisfied yet! I want moreeee! On the way back to Derawan I saw dolphin jumping twice! Amazing!

Maratua Island by Lolo sianipar

Maratua Island

Back to our cottage, we took bath and ready for dinner that we ate wholeheartedly! Of course we are starving. After dinner we walked around Derawan a bit and see another cottage just for comparison. That was a good night. I feel so happy. I fell asleep at 10 pm. Quite early right? 🙂

Sunset on Derawan Island by Lolo sianipar

Sunset on Derawan Island

Sunset on Derawan Island by Lolo sianipar

I always love sunset... God is amazing!

Wanna see the whole picture? click here! 🙂


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