The Wishes

from google

Heart that ready, for anything

Attitude of a Godly woman

Family that really proud of me

Bunch of true friends I can keep forever

Career that I embrace every day

Daily chat of encouragement

Sweet weekends with those I love

delicious meals on the table

Beautiful dresses, in sufficient amount

Cute shoes that goes with the dresses

Trips and more trips to the unknown

Ears that always willing to listen

Hands that feels like home

Soothing words in time of distress

Man that take me for who I really am

Morning reminder how God love me


O wait!

I already have most of them!

Thank you God…

You granted every wish

even before I say a thing…

Thank you especially…

for my birthday…


3 thoughts on “The Wishes

  1. for the birds that sing…
    for the sun that shine…
    and for everything… 🙂

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