My B’day Dinner… :)

I have to admit that a month before the D-day, I had my birthday’s tic AGAIN. I told a friend that I don’t want to celebrate my birthday, I want to escape, I don’t want to receive any greetings or reply them, I just want to be alone. He narrowed his eyes listen to me saying those things, but he said “Well, if that’s what you want”. I was so sure. As usual I hate  MY Birthday. But then  as the day approaching and then something really bad happened on my b’day night that I cannot share here, I changed my mind.

I need to savor each moment, how time flies just like that, will never come back. How wonderful it is to have a night where I can arrange anything as I like and all my family my best friends will be there to enjoy the moment with me. My special b’day dinner already ruined, and this is the chance God given to replace bad memory with a sweet one. So the mood turned 180 degree, I was suddenly feel so excited to have a small celebration for my b’day.

First of course I want everyone to dress in white, my favorite color, plus we’ll have the dinner al fresco, so it’ll be quite warm. Thank God for Vari that invited me to her family gathering around a month ago at KAFE HALAMAN, on Cipete Area. The place is quite hidden from the main street, so there won’t be any vehicles roaring while we’re eating. The food is good and I like the ambiance. I can imagine how nice it’ll be to have the dinner there. I was also thinking about candle light dinner and a small arrange of flower would be nice as additional decoration.

My family were very supportive and they smile upon my excitement to buy things like small white stones and tea candle and the fake green crystals stone  all to be spread on the table and perfecting the whole table arrangement. Yes, we went to Mall Ambassador so I can get anything that I need. hehehe…

So here the story of the miracles. I booked the place a day before the event 18th of June. I totally forgot to do that, when I asked Vari the number of the restaurant at 7p, in a bit panic she told me that the last time she booked the place they don’t take reservation after 5 pm. Oops! Miracles happened, they picked up the phone and able to reserve the table for me. The thing is, I want the table outside, but they said there will be reunion event so it impossible to give me the table outside. O well, nothing to complain.

The next day when my family and I get there, the event already done, and there were a really nice table set up out side that  was use for the buffet of previous event, OUTSIDE, right at the spot that I really really want at the first place. See, told you, another miracle! It was really nice and I was immediately ask the waitress whether we can use that table instead and they allowed it. I was sort of jump in joy!  One by one my lovely friends coming, Veni, Wimpy and Alena, then Rangga alone! hahaha… then Vari and Lilis, then the gank of Patrix, Daniel, Fia, Erryn. Then the last one Yuliana. Acit couldn’t make it since her boyfriend sick and Riana was in Bali. Lia,Bobby and Elroy was in Bandung.

Me, my BB and My B'day Cake 🙂

I get a really nice b’day present! A snorkeling set ! YAY! and a bottle of wine! I love you guys! Really do.The moment got intense as everyone obligate to share something about me. That’s my family tradition and I know that it was a bit awkward to have everyone sharing about me. Not to mention it took quite a lot of time hehehe… but in the end, in a bit of awkwardness, everyone shared something about me, that I will keep and remember for the rest of my life. It was quite surprising that they put a lot of thought on me and my life. How much they care, they pay attention, they know what’s going on. Took a helluva work to not letting tears falling down, I made a constant joke… It’ll be even more awkward if I cry, but I’m so grateful!

God, I love you so much! Thank you for the life, love and miracles…. I’m 32 now… 🙂

Hellow !

People that I love 🙂

Happy People 🙂


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