The Birth of Piar Consulting

“And one by one, those childish solicitation
that I wished with my little knees
with my little fingers clasp together
they become true…
because You hear me O dear Lord…
With Your big hand over my head
gently caressing me
softly You perpetually say…
“Love you little girl…”
“Love You too my grand God…” ”

Lolo, May 2011

I finally have the courage to note down everything that I felt when I first started my own company. The craziest 3 months in a row of my career life. I was standing in the junction for – well – not too long then decided to free fall. Should anything happen after this, I’ll have no regrets at all. The hardest 3 months passed already, and God demonstrated His kind love and faithfulness again and again.

When I resigned from previous company 6 months ago, mid February, I had no slightest idea what am I going to do next. I resigned just for the sake of need to change my routines. Well, you can read how I feel at that time on my previous note here: Take Another Leap.


Approaching the last day being Leo Burnett’s employee, I was still perplexed. Few job offers I already explored, a lot of interviews for a month, done already. I’m so grateful for Vari’s unyielding effort to find me job by sending lots and lots of job advertisement. She’s amazing! I love you Var! Unfortunately, none of them quite appealing or answer to me application, but again I don’t wanna rush it. I don’t want a job, I want THE job. And looking for THE job need a lot of consideration that time should willing to provide, from my point of few. I was ready for a month or two being jobless with a chance of travelling to 2 or 3 countries in Asia. I bought my ticket to Singapore and Bangkok, and planning to go to Kuala Lumpur (at that time I haven’t been to Bangkok and Malaysia yet). So everything pretty much set until….

One of my previous client figured out that I will leave soon my job soon, they called me, set a meeting, and asked me whether I have a plan to open my own Public Relations Agency because they would like to be my client. The same questions that everyone in my close circles asking me over and over for the past 3 years.  You know, the truth is, the real truth, I really cannot comprehend which part of me showing the quality of being an entrepreneur?

I read about entrepreneur in magazines and love the concept. I was admiring those entrepreneurs’ guts, and know by heart I will never become one of them. As my family and close friends told me: “You can actually become one Lo”, I replied in skeptic tone “Pfft! Yeah, and pigs fly”. They were quite puzzled by my endeavor to convince them the other way that I’m incapable of doing so.

Around 3 years ago, there were 2 people offer me a big investment so I can start my own Public Relations company, all I need to provide them was a business plan with the ROI (Return of Investment) figure. They’re okay with 5 years terms, means 5 years supporting me with a lot of cash so I can survive, until I start give them profit. That was a really good offer, and a business plan was a piece of cake, – obviously – I turned down due to lack of confident, and… like my friends told me: too much thinking.

I was deeply touch by this ex-client that took time to talk to me and persuaded me that I can make it on my own. The same client (one company, only different person) actually already offer the same thing right a year ago. So, now I can see that I’m one of the most stubborn and self-doubting creature on this earth.

But this time, I really put a lot of thought to the proposition. This opportunity won’t come twice, I knew it by soul. I love Public Relations, I heart dealing with media people, especially those who have been my close friends during our continual meeting. I like the challenge, and I want the freedom to do concept that I like in PR strategy, to break all the mainstream rules, to be independent, to experience. Isn’t it me the one who said everything starts to bore me, over and over again? I gotta do something with it.

And there, on the early May, I take the challenge; I said YES to my lovely soon-to-be-first-client, I’m ready – well I thought I’m ready. I’m officially open my own Agency. Ow, they didn’t hesitate at all, errr, too keen in fact that I should say bye-bye to my booked ticket to vacation so I can start as soon as possible.

Lolo shake hands, deal!

Well, this is just a short beginning of the chaos that will come next after the decision.

“Faith enable us to do big things, grand things, awesome things! But in my case it’s mostly other people’s faith to me” Lolo Sianipar


4 thoughts on “The Birth of Piar Consulting

  1. It’s a beginning, but at least it’s your own beginning.
    It’s a chaos, but at least it’s your own chaos.
    Mistakes will be painful.
    Victories will be delightful.
    Congratulation for taking the first step of a journey of thousand miles.
    God bless you and your new adventure, Lolo!

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