I’m officially an Auntie! Welcoming Jordan to the World!

Oh, no words able to express how I feel about the birth of my nephew, Jordan Hutapea. My Family, Mom, Dad, Bang Deo, and Jo (Rhea’s husband – of course) we were waiting with a lot of excitement. My sister Rhea is healthy, but her contraction already started a night before, so she looked exhausted that night. Tell you what,  my sister gained 15 kilogram due to the pregnancy, but unfortunately she already gained 15 kilograms since she her wedding day until the day she got pregnant, additional 30 kilograms in a bit more than a year! Well, I wish that will the biggest size she can get in her life, I can’t imagine if she stay in that size! 🙂

Her doctor, Doctor Ontowiryo, is an amazing doctor who 100% believe in normal birth. He did anything he can to make sure my sister give birth normally. On the final months of her pregnancy, my sister and her husband looked for 2nd and 3rd opinions just to make sure everything is okay and confirming Doctor Ontowiryo’s diagnose. But the 2nd and 3rd doctors convinced Rhea that there’s no way she can give birth normally, cesarean section is the final verdict with a lot of confusing explanation about Rhea’s condition. Doctor Ontowiryo insist, immovable, confident, she should deliver normally.

My sister, strong as she always is, finally gave birth to Jordan Hutapea  on 5th of October 2011, 10.50 pm, 3,1 kilograms, 47 centimeters. I’m so so so happy!!!

Oh, Now I believe that there’s falling in love at the first sight. He is so cute!!! Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that there’s this cute little creature among our family now. My baby sister is officially a mommy, I’m officially an Auntie (or in Bataknese call : Inangtua).

See this lovely creature name Jordan! I’ll get him anything…

Jordan 30 minutes old

Jordan 30 minutes old - sooooo cuteee

(5 days old) angel...


4 thoughts on “I’m officially an Auntie! Welcoming Jordan to the World!

  1. Hi Inangtua, Baby Jordan is adorable! I’m sending congratulations to your sister Rhea and your family!

    My, you’ve gotten busy with your new company, please continue to blog! Grace

  2. congratulation to ur baby sister.. and be a good “mak cik”(in malay) ok.. luv u mak cik.. 😉

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