Are We Having Fun Still?

Note: I dedicate this note as remembrance to all the fun time I had in my life 🙂 and more to come.

Do you still remember that moment when we were young, wild and carefree? We don’t care much about money and how much we have in our pocket. Since whatever the amount is, we can always find something to keep us amused. Something that doesn’t require more than what we have. We always can find strangers to laugh and sit and drink and passing a good time with. We don’t care about time, may it take a whole day, pass midnight, or whether it’s already morning – again. We love the commemorating and interact with people. The thought of new experiences and curiosity gives us so much energy and we start everything with thinking “This is going to be fun!” despite that perhaps it’s a total wasting time.

But now, as we’re getting older, with job, position, income, family, a fun time with companions interpret to another thing. To something more complicated condition with a lot of criteria. The who, what, when, where are getting more and more complex, and we are just harder to please. A glass of beer with not-so-important topic to talk about is no longer enough. People rather do other things than just spontaneously gather and laughing and the thought of wasting time is linger in our mind as a form of being irresponsible with ourselves or family or perhaps kids! At every opportunity to have fun we start with thinking “Oh, that’s not me anymore”, “What will people think about me doing that?” “What’s in it for me?”

I remember a saying: Time well wasted, is not wasted time at all. Oh toast for the wisdom! Glad that I found twitter, or perhaps twitter found me. I’m able to find people who’s just as spontaneous as me, those who don’t care so much about time, money, background profile, and of course know how to have fun. One who don’t make their kids as reasons that they can’t have fun the way they did before, or give another reason that the fun already re-format to another activities, stay at home and watching TV, and watching kids grow, watching the world from internet. Watching, watching, and watching.

Of course I’m not advising to have fun every weekend or every time, just leave your kids with baby sitter at home, drink alcohol. YES, there is a right time for everything we wanna do! My point is, are we still having fun or we’re in denial? Are we giving ourselves fair chances to have fun the way we want it?

Jack Rabbit 7th of Dec 2011


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