2011: Year of Friendship….

Yes, of course we have to cherish our friendship along the year for the rest of our life. Meaning every year should be a year of friendship, but I will give this year a remembrance for my journey of friendship with these special people, my petit circle of close friends. How they stand by my side through high and low. How I’m grateful that I can still hold so dear and cherish each and every friendship I have with them.

Tough year indeed, but not my toughest! Looking back to the first year I moved to Jakarta on 1997, man, that’s tough! Deep down in my heart, I know I wouldn’t make it this far without friends that pull me up every time I feel down and think that I cannot go on anymore, and that moments were a lot. I am so easy to be weary and suicidal.

kiss for my lovely sister

My bestest of best friends as always will be my own blood sister, Rhea. We are inseparable; she knows what I am thinking most of the time and my next move in almost every situation. She seldom agree – we have a 180 degree differences in looking things – but she also seldom complain about it… well, not these past years since we’ve learned through the hard way that even we cannot understand why people we love did such things, but we love them anyway. To see my sister get hurt from another people’s action can really anger me, and I’m far from pleasant when I’m angry without intention to hide it. But if it her lesson of life to learn, I have to let her deal with it, so she will get mature in her own way. In friendship that happen, how much you hate to see your friend hurt or deal with painful moment, you cannot just jump and help them out, act like a hero. You will create an unhealthy dependency, expectation that your friend should be the answer of all your problems.

My joy, Lia. Never for once she fail to understand me 🙂 our friendship perhaps not as intense as when we’re still in university, but I never doubt that my life never out of her radar. This year, in a funny way, she always called me when I feel so down without me need to tell her. Like my guardian angel. Her face brings me joy just by looking at her. I never know a love to someone not blood bound to me can be this overwhelming.  She the one and only best friend who never judge me, even when we are so young and unwise at all. Yes, we argue and have a deep conversation about life and dreams, but no judgment ever slip out of her mouth so far. Me to her? Ah, after 13 years of togetherness, she know me well… my opinion is strong, my voice is loud, and my expressions is hard, and she never affected by that. I think she made of cotton, no? The thing that I scared the most is lose my friendship with her. I’ll sail seven seas if it have to be done to win her back if somehow she’s mad at me…

Veni & I

My friendship with Veni is also going stronger than ever this year. Her sharp tongue, insensitivity, and silliness never stop to amuse me and are no match to her kindness, love and care. An honest woman she is indeed, never with a hidden agenda, never try to hide her true feeling in friendship. Her mad words drive me nearly nuts most of the times especially when it comes to my relationship, of how indecisive I am. I can’t help it, can I? She’s smart enough to know which one is excuse and the truth in my case. Our friendship is one of those that really unique for me, never have I ever afraid that I’ll accidentally hurt her in any manner, because she have faith that I’ll never try to hurt her intentionally, and true to that I treasure our friendship the most, this year more. Yes, a friend can be so judging sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we’re not compatible to each other. Love conquer all, forgive quickly, and look the person deep inside before you make a conclusion.

This lady is really unique and totally different from my usual “friend’s profile”. First time I laid my eyes on Riana, she’s nowhere near a person that could be a friend to me. She’s so high profile, speak high, a bit snob and very well-maintained. Never have I anticipated that I will grow to really like her. Her jokes, her silliness, her humility in between her branded look, her naivety, and she’s so loud! If you say I’m loud, and then you never meet Riana, I’m no match to her.  I learned well the common phrase: never judge the book by its cover. What I admire a lot is her self-consciousness, she knew what she wants and no matter how silly her dreams may look to other people, she doesn’t give a damn. She doesn’t need people approval to do whatever she wants to do. Strong and independent yet fun. Totally not me in any level, and the way we complement each other, that’s what I really like in my everyday with her.  Again, I never thought that I will grow to be really fond of her.  She made my days in office colorful.

Of course they’re not my only friends or I have the honor to say my best friends. There are several other darling friends that really dear to me… I cherish them as well, for Ira, Yuliana, Acit, Wimpy and Bobby (the husband), and some others… 😀 . And this year I see more than ever people that I really want to share my old life with in the future. Our hair will turn gray together; we will see our kids grow up, our legs will be weak,  and do what grand ma and grand pop do… 😀 the prospect of my old life look so much better with these people in it. God, please, let us enjoy the friendship ‘til our old days.


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