[Photos] Rafting at Citarik – Weekend Gateaway

Yes, it was Vari again with her constant idea of going somewhere as far as possible every weekend (if possible too)… 🙂 anyway, I always ready for a trip, well, as long as no other important events and of course I can afford it… Vary asked me  to join a group rafting at Citarik. I went rafting for the first time around 8 years ago at Citarik as well, then a few years after that at Ayung River, Bali. Both quite fun but not as exciting as diving for first time experience. Well, since it’s been quite sometimes I agree to go rafting with Vari. Then I asked Adi to join us too, the more the merrier.

After 3 hours in the bus, I recalled why I don’t think rafting is appealing to me anymore, the trip to Citarik is such a long and winding trip compare to few hours of fun on that boat. The sitting on the bus nearly killed me out of boredom, the way back home was worse.

Anyhow, must I admit that the rafting itself were fun! I thought the much rain in Jakarta lately will affect the volume of water that overflows, but turn out the water debit was normal and rather slow. We were waiting for a round 2 hours for our turn, there were quite a lot of groups that day.

the drills are: (1) you choose your lifebuoy, your helmet and your paddle. (2) they will give you 10 minutes safety instruction during rafting (3) you ride a mini truck to the starting point, (4) oh no, you’re not there yet, you have to walk around 500 meters through local housing and rice fields, then …. taaadaaah, you’ll find your boat…

I have no idea the maximum person that can ride a boat, but my group was 6 persons, including 2 guides… the fact  gave me more of secure feeling, other boat have only one guide. So we went raft for around 90 minutes. It was really fun! some of the rafts are quite scary, but most of them just gave me a little shake.  We laughed til my jaws hurt.

Our rafting provider was Caldera Rafting, their facilities are clean and nice… the hall where we sit and waiting is really well maintained and clean as well as the bathroom. Their provided an Indonesia Menu for lunch and it was delicious.

Despite the long bus riding, I had a lot of fun. thank you Var, Rangga and Adi… 🙂

The nice hall where we are waiting for our turn

Waiting 🙂

the girls 🙂 Belinda, Vari and I

Almost ready with our equipment! 🙂

while waiting for the instruction speech begin... peace! 🙂

On the truck to the starting point... becareful or you might fall out of the car... quite a minimum safety here...


Told ya, we still have to walk across paddy fields... 🙂

Finally on the boat! Yay!

Wait! Why did I make peace sign in almost every picture ya? Hmmm… :/


5 thoughts on “[Photos] Rafting at Citarik – Weekend Gateaway

  1. Hey , Lolo, sounds like you had a fun weekend. BTW, the “waiting area” looks beautiful with the pure wooden floors and high ceilings!! Is the temperature hot that day?
    Taking a walk through rice paddies would be a nice treat for me, something new! Peace!!!

  2. Hey Grace, Yes I had a lot of fun, but the bus trip just so tiring… 🙂
    It wasn’t too hot that day since its raining in the morning… the weather was just excellent for me. 🙂

    you should try to walk through paddy rice…. 🙂

  3. Hi, Lolo,
    The places where rice paddys grow are very far away from me. Thanks to you I learn something new. Actually I hadn’t thought about the fact that the USA also produces rice commercially. The six states that grow rice are California, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri , and Texas. Most of these states are in the south, about 2000 Kilometers or 1,000 miles away.
    Talking a walk through a rice paddy could be added to my ever-changing Bucket List. One of the places, on our trip/vacation list is Charleston, South Carolina, and Georgia but alas , this year we cannot take the time to travel far away. 😦

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