Thank you for the early birthday celebration, Mr. Thoughful…

I was sitting at my desk working that night. I do remember that you said you want to have an early celebration tonight, my birthday. It still 4 days more, I hesitated but I don’t want to kill the excitement. Honestly, I doubted that you can make it, knowing how busy you are with a big event preparation ahead. I have no expectation, so there’s no way that I’ll be disappointed if we cancel it. I wasn’t really waiting for any news from you…

7pm you message me, asking where I am and what time I’ll be able to see you. I was still in doubt said that if you’re tired perhaps we can do this some other time. You insist, said there’ll be no other time and YOU want to celebrate my birthday. It went straight to my heart, then my lips start to smile and my heart start beating in excitement. I said that I can meet you anytime now since I’m done with my work. You asked whether I can wait for an hour, because you want to take a shower first. You asked me what kind of food that I want and if I have any preference of venue.  I have no idea,you and I get together for a drink is good for me already. You decided everything for me then. Hahaha… you’re such a control freak and I like it.


I arrived on time at the lobby, and you already sat there waiting for me, looked all fresh and with a smile and gave me a light kiss. You ushered me to the restaurant then to our table, holding my hands. I can stop smiling thou its quite hard for me to breath due to flu. You chose menu for us,  it was a bit scary cuz it seems you sort of read my mind when you ask, whether I want angel hair or not! I’ve been thinking about angel hair since afternoon and wished it for my dinner! isn’t it crazy??? And whilst waiting for our food you started telling stories. The best part of you… stories… I always like stories and listen to it. Of course you asked how my day is and since I stucked behind desk all day I have not much to tell. You ordered wine which unfortunately I couldn’t drink, I don’t want my flu get worse.

The dinner was delicious, and you cut everything from our sharing food, meticulously in half and put my share on my plate. That’s the first time a guy does that to me. I know those were your usual drill to treat a woman, you’re so good with it that no doubt you’ve practiced a so many times. Hahaha. I appreciated it however.

Right in the middle of our conversation suddenly a bunch of waitress brought cake while singing happy b’day! Waaww… then like magic you handed me a really big bouquet of flower! You said “I don’t know what flower you like so I put a little bit of everything in this bouquet”. How thoughtful! The cake was really delicious, and the flower I love it!

I was so happy but I was feeling unwell too… 😥

Oh, I almost shed a tear… almost doesn’t mean I’m heartless… I was too shy to cry… :”> so I did my best effort to look cool… hihihih… but deep down inside, my inner little girl jumping around like nuts. I remember how my – supposed to be a romantic b’day dinner – with my so called boyfriend was a big fail! This guy, not even my boyfriend but he sincerely want to make me happy with all of these effort…

I’m grateful Mr. Thoughtful…

So thank you! You made my early b’day celebration so priceless… :”> it deserve a remembrance here….


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