First Time to Universal Studio + Fun Tips for Amusement Park Visitor from the Guru

It was such a lovely sunny day when I’m stepping into Universal Studio Singapore

I simply write this post just because I love all the pictures Mr. Thoughtful took and I would love to show them all here.  hihihi…. I’m such a lucky girl, I’m not really good at posing in front of camera , I’m very shy (yeah right!). Since he is talented, most of the time it only took ONE SHOT for him to get a good picture of me. “Angle!” he said confidently… yes sir! 😀


But my luck not only about the photo, apparently Mr. Thoughtful is also an expert in going around amusement park. He really know how to have fun! He visited a lot of amusement park around the world, and after he guide me through Universal Studio last weekend, he has proven himself as Amusement Park Guru, errr.. at least for me, yes he’s entitled to it. So here I mixed a lot of his precious advices with my own experiences… there it goes, enjoy the lovely pictures…. OF ME! Hahahahahaha….

Yay! Happy me 🙂

1.       Timing

This is really important, because this will determine your whole journey in amusement park. The earlier you got there the more you can enjoy the rides. Remember that you must have a mental picture of how big the amusement park that you’re going to visit. The bigger it is then the more you gotta make sure you come early. Mr. thoughtful and I came late to Universal Studio, lazy ass couple, we arrived at 12pm. But, because of he is a guru, we were succeed in enjoying all of the main attractions. Hahahaha… without running here and there! Nice eh?

I love you Shrek! *blow a kiss*

2.       Starting Point

He said “Lo, when you step into the amusement park, and about to begin your journey, most of the people will turn right to start then they make one big round, but then you will stuck in a long queue for the first ride.” So we turned left, and we found short queue at almost all ride we want to play. Then he said “Put in mind, don’t play the coolest ride first, start with the small one then the crazy one, that’s how you’ll keep your excitement through the day”  Well, I can’t remember whatever he said per word but you get what I mean right? Don’t follow the crowd. Check the list of the ride first, if you really into this. Hihihi…

one of the coolest new attraction,Transformer! Thank you Evac!

3.       Attire

Wear something as comfortable as possible. Unless you’re the one who work as one of the princess character, leave your high heels and party dress at home please. The choice of garment is also important, so you won’t be smelly… and disturb another visitor. Hihihi…

4.       Unleash your inner child

Don’t be too shy to jump around, laughing, running or try the kid’s ride, that’s the whole point of going to amusement park right? Just unleash your inner child and be happy. This is not a test of being adult, or because you just accompany your children, it’s an opportunity to be your true self…

Don’t I look cute?

5.       Be adaptable

Meaning if something happen like suddenly it’s raining then they stop the roller coaster or another ride, it’s okay… don’t be too sad, that means you can try another ride twice, or perhaps you can just play in rain and get wet… or perhaps it’s time for you to sit down and enjoy some snacks. Tell that to your kids too… no sour face.

6.       To have a good picture, know your camera

This is important since one of the fun thing about being in amusement park, you have a lot of lovely things to shot with your camera. Don’t let moment pass you by just because you cannot adjust the lenses to indoor and outdoor. Errr… this is me talking to myself actually… I got 1 hour intense course from Mr. Thoughtful about my pocket camera. In 1 hour, I know all the functions hihihi… but, well, since he’s around, who need pocket camera?

His precious… 😀

7.       Take a bite

Nothing good coming from a hungry person…  happy tummy happy heart… again… that’s me 😀

I’ll eat you Reese! you look delicious! Nom nom nom

So… do you love my pictures? Wait, I mean the tips? This is not a matter of life and death I know, but man, if you’re planning to go to amusement park and end up with only 3 rides and go home with a heavy heart and sore feet, I think you waste the time of your life. Might as well you stay at home and watch movie then sleep… thou I got to admit several tips, especially the first two, eerrr…. too much homework, I will just let Mr. thoughtful or someone else do the work another time I go to Amusement Park.

Thank you Mr. Thoughful… I’m a happy girl! 🙂


12 thoughts on “First Time to Universal Studio + Fun Tips for Amusement Park Visitor from the Guru

  1. Many mentions of him in the article, but no picture of Mr. Thoughtful himself 🙂

  2. HI! can i know which day u went to USS? during weekend or weekday?
    planning to visit on Sunday but so worried about the crowd and queues… Thank!

  3. Hi Caiyun,
    I went there on Sunday too, arrived around 12 pm… it was crowded, but not too much, still convenient to walk around. Some rides you just can’t help it… the queue guaranteed long, like Mummy or Transformers or the Roller coaster… so if you really don’t want wasting your time queuing, you might want to consider purchase the express ticket,additional S$50 … 🙂 but then you can move faster….

    Have fun!

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