Singapore, Home of the Brunch Lover

It’s only in the last few visits to Singapore that I really realized, people in Singapore – not necessary the local – loves brunch!  Seriously, everywhere I go, the 5 stars hotel breakfast venue to a regular coffee shop, say Coffee Bean in a mall people are lining up to get a seat at brunch time, especially on weekend. Anyhow, glad that my friends took me to several lovely brunch places in Singapore that I could write in my blog. I realized that these places already review many times by other bloggers especially Singaporean, but take it from an Indonesian who loves scramble eggs so much! Plus, Singapore succeeds in turning me into an amateur brunch lover.

Who knows I might go find nice places to have brunch around Jakarta for the next weekends. Anyway, admit it you Indonesian, like most of you ever go further than few stations from Orchard road! Ha!


I like sea, so obvious I like having my brunch while enjoying the view of sea… errr… or something like it… and feel the soft breeze touch my skin whilst munching my scramble eggs. Privé located on Singapore’s private island – the Keppel Island, along the bay. It took 10 minutes by cab to reach Prive from Orchard. And perhaps it was by luck that we didn’t really wait to get a seat. We got the outdoor seating, and it is always my favorite spot cuz I’m not a big fan of air con.

My American Breakfast 🙂

Honestly I won’t say that they have the best breakfast menu, by the way, they served all day breakfast. I ordered American Breakfast which comes with my choice of coffee or tea. It was huge, but again nothing really special with the taste. The scramble egg is perfect tho, soft and cheesy… Oh well, at least I can let myself daydreaming about owning one of those yacht, plus I had a nice conversation with friends for several hours, NOT at Orchard again. I’d love to come back again just for the view, and maybe I must try their dinner, heard the steak is quite good.

Here’s their website in case you’re wondering:

a little pose won’t hurt… 🙂

Forty Hands

This small café located in Tiong Bahru area. By the way, I really like Tiong Bahru area… it feels culture, y’know, my friend said that it was one of the oldest area in Singapore, I like everything that feels old, I’m an old soul. My friend told me that they called it Forty Hands because it takes forty hands to make a good cup of coffee. Yes, this place highlights the coffee; unfortunately I’m not a coffee drinker due to gastric, hiks! On Sunday morning, the place quite crowded, took 15 minutes until we get our seat for 2.

Happily sipping my mocha ice… yum!

Instead of coffee, I had Mocha Ice and it was good also! Look at my happy face when I’m sipping it spoon by spoon. I’m a scramble egg lover but a little variation won’t harm me, so I had egg benedicts, 2 poached eggs upon a soft bread with slice of ham and cover by melted cheese. Each bite is a treat to my tongue, but they poached a bit failed, one of the yolk wasn’t melt. Hm, I think I like what my friend had, not in a typical it’s greener on the other side, but in the fact that he ordered Egg Cocotte, poached egg with mushroom and toasts. I love the taste of the mushroom with melted egg yolk, so yum. I’d love to come back just to order that again. Speaking of ambience, yeah, it’s just another small café try to make the space as efficient as possible, packed with table and seats. But I like it simple, small signages hanging on the wall, and a little wall paintings here and there.

Here their website:

My Egg Benedicts


Egg in any way you want it! That’s how my friend advertises Hatched. Egg me love, Let’s go to Hatched! True that my friend said it’s easy to get there with a cab, but it’ll be hard to find a cab to go from there, so thank God that my friend drove us there on that one lovely warm Sunday morning. Hatched is located on Evans Road, in front of the ministry of education – in case you need the detail hihihi. There’s no sign that there’s a restaurant in front of the building, I guess it’ll be hard to spot the place. It was quite crowded on Sunday morning, but took only 7 minutes until we were seated.

The Ambiance of Hatched

The “look like eggs decorations” looks shabby already, but it doesn’t give a sense of dodgy to the whole ambience, just make it more hommie. The uncle who runs the place was wearing a t-shirt with picture of sunny side up in front hihihi cute. I ordered something called Philly, it is an omelet filled with strips of steak, peppers and onions, topped with cheese cream. Not so faithful to my scramble egg eh? Hehehehe… I like what I ate. It’s truly delicious. My friend ordered egg benedicts and … hmm.. I can’t quite remember what my other friend ordered, I remember it was with toast and banana and slices of ham and he showered them with maple syrup, geez… that’s weird… I have no heart to try it. But he said it’s delicious, I guess I just have to believe him.


I wished we can sit outdoors tho, under the big tree with the classic squares pattern table top, hehehe… that’ll make a good picture of us. Guess I’ll be back again for another menu and for the outdoor seating… but not banana bacon showered with maple syrup. 😀

Oh, the hatched website: (under construction tho)

Wild Honey

Unfortunately it’s in Orchard! Why unfortunately, because actually I would like to write somewhere that is NOT orchard? O well, but passing that particular pavement for thousand times, I didn’t know that there’s a nice brunch place there called Wild Honey, located at Scott’s Square, beside the Hyatt Hotel. This time took quite sometimes for us to be seated. The place was so full. I guess we were waiting for more than 30 minutes before we get a seat. I love the place, it’s like wherever you seat, is a nice spot. Be it at the verandah, near the wall, in the middle of the room, or even the high table surrounding the pillars with stool bar, if you’re a loner.

The Menu. Actually we cannot take a picture of the menu, I stole this from some one’s blog… I’m sorry, I really forgot who…

They served all day breakfast from all over the world, but NO South East Asia. They have Japan thou, the only country from Asia, if I’m not mistaken. Re-check for me please. Tough choice, all seems so good! I read the menu meticulously, but I still can’t find which one is appealing the most, all good and different. So, go back to my basic favorite egg, I choose I-Love-New-York, it was scramble egg with smoked salmon, bagel, cream cheese, and steamed tomatoes. It was SO GOOD! I’m falling in love with a plate of food.  I ordered hot chocolate to close the lovely brunch. I’m so coming back again. It’s Orchard.

Their website : hmm… where’s their website? Ah, go head google it…

I love new york!

So, that’s it, that’s all, not much to say only my personal experiences and little I know about those places… you try you Indonesian-who-never-go further-than-Orchard! 😀

Hmm… I’m going to make a song called “I love you Brunch”  now…. The lyric is predictable, all about eggs….  Bye.


6 thoughts on “Singapore, Home of the Brunch Lover

  1. Maafkan aku Finaaa… 😦 aku bukan lupa siihh… aku …. takut merepotkan….
    tapi next time aku datang, aku pasti akan menghubungimu…. 🙂 janji!

  2. hehehehe.. gpp lolo kapan2 kalo kemari kabarin..nanti aku bawa ke tempat2 brunch yg lain nya 🙂

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