Life is….

Life is one fun rollercoaster ride
You start slow then everything goes so fast
Some parts you like it
Some parts you want to quit riding
Where is the fun in holding too tight
the safety strap along the ride?
You will only get blister
Where is the fun if you close your eyes
and pretend like nothing happen
but events you create in your mind?
If you know it’s going to end
whether you like it or not
despite the when and how
Why don’t you just relax
Lose your hands and feet
Scream when you feel like it
Feel the wind touches your skin
Look to friends that ride with you
They are just as clueless as you
Smile, laugh, laugh harder…
Enjoy it…
Seize it…
Before it is too late to realize
Life is one freakin’ too short fun rollercoaster ride.



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