Why Craving for Happiness?

Am I Happy or Sad?

Happiness is overrated
people do anything to be happy
chasing vanity
wealth, beauty, long life
we are settling down
we stop taking risk
or when we’re taking the risk
we do it for the sake of
elevating current happiness
we need insurance and assurance
we even make other people sad
just so we can feel and be happy
happy happy happy
When sadness comes
and eventually it will come
we panic
try to avoid it like a diseases
like it’s a curse
like it will never end
like sadness will kill us
unfortunately …
in the midst of pursuing the happiness
we forget to be happy
because the effort is extravagant
just to secure it
Sad is a feeling too
Sadness is fun too
Sadness gives deep inspiration
it depends on how we see it
Being sad never suicidal
craving for happiness is
we do not enjoy every feeling we have
the now, the present
the mistery of tomorrow
sadness and happiness will come and go
nothing we can do to keep one
long enough or short enough…



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