Pulau Macan: A Beautiful Island at the Backyard of Jakarta

Pulau Macan

Oh, I never knew that there’s a facilities as lovely as at Pulau Macan (or Tiger Island in english) around Thousand Island area. I’ve been to other island before for vacation or diving but Pulau Macan is different and by far is the most well-maintained resort in the area. I’ve been to Pramuka Island, Tidung Besar Island, Tidung Kecil Island, and Sepa Island, but maybe because those island also inhabit by local resident, they are not exactly a holiday destination where you can get a convenient situation for your beach vacation, especially when wearing bikini is forbidden in those islands. Errr…. so what’s the point?

Anyway, after a friend of mine, Prinka, promote the beauty of Pulau Macan to me personally around a year or so ago, finally I can go with a friend last weekend. Yay! For around 2,9 million rupiah 2D1N, we don’t have to pay for anything else during the trip, cuz that’s include meals,drinks and all facilities to play in the water. Oh, and the return ticket for boat from Marina Jakarta.

I love where we stayed, luckily, I  got the hut. They said it is one of the most favorite rooms there. Pulau Macan is a private island and can accommodate, perhaps, only around 25 – 30 guest. Isn’t lovely? I mean a real escape from crowded city of Jakarta. Plus, you don’t have TV in you room (if you can say a hut is a room since there are no walls), and view from the bed is the ocean. We can enjoy snorkeling and go to another Pulau Macan Gundul for sun bathing, swimming or snorkeling. Unfortunately I got an accident that ruin the whole “playing in the water” plan… an epic accident that I will tell you later on. The foods were awesome! and the staff were just super nice!

But the best moment in Pulau Macan for me was the sunset from my porch and the night sky where you can see clearly the constellations.  Wanna see the time lapse of my sunset? You can just click here. My friend made it for me. Blessed! 🙂

Well, I need not to explain further because my photos below will tell you millions words of how beautiful Pulau Macan is.

Oh, by the way, if you want to look for detail information, you can get it from these links, their  site: http://www.pulaumacan.com (the text copy just sweet and welcoming I say), or if you need to see other’s review you can visit this link: tripadvisor 

Thanks to my lovely companion for the beautiful photos….

Pulau Macan: our hut


Pulau Macan: inside our hut

Night Sky at Pulau Macan

Pulau Macan


6 thoughts on “Pulau Macan: A Beautiful Island at the Backyard of Jakarta

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  2. did you stay in driftwood hut?
    which driftwood btw, 1 or 2?
    btw, is it that private, i mean not many people will walk or swim around our hut?

  3. hi can I ask you where you ordered the package was it online or through a travel agency?

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