[Doodle] Mermaid

Inspired by my passion for diving and that’s practically the only trip that I am willing to pay a lot for lately, I doodled Mermaid.  If you read All About Lolo, well, as you can see in the point #29  will explain, I. Have. A. Mermaid. Blood. 🙂

When I was just a little girl (a not so cute one), my teacher asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I answered, Mermaid. Aawww, so cute right??? NOPE! None of the teacher impressed, they just looked back at me with pity eyes. Ugly little girl with a horrible imagination, I think I can read that in their eyes. So, I changed my answer, and said, I wanna be a designer, they were still not impressed (as they impressed with the answer: president, pilot, doctor, or teacher) but  I guess it was quite acceptable cuz they leave me alone then.

This is exactly what I look like if I was a mermaid, in my imagination. Plus, I am not really good in painting mermaid other than a black silhouette.

…. *sigh*

My Doodles_12(1)_20130729101902916


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