[Doodle] I set you free…

He broke my heart. He never know it. It is so hard to say how you feel when you feel so much and so intense. It is harder to explain things to someone whom by heart we know will never be the one we are hoping him to be, the one. But I am grateful, I am still grateful. The short moment we had, and things that we shared    when we were together, it was all beautiful…. and really meaningful. Never have I being close to a man who inspire me to do a lot of things creative like he did. He — wait — I thought I want to explain something about my latest doodle, instead I am rambling, I didn’t mean to pour my heart out here…

So, out of sadness, and in an effort to hold myself for not being dramatic about it, I doodled. I set him free. Well, he always free, but this time, I let him be…

First, I draw myself, of course it have to be beautiful. hahaha. And him… he is beautiful for me… but he have to fly away.

The hardest part in the process was to draw the one line that make all the difference in the doodle. Well… it hurts still….

Lolo's Doodle: I set you free

and with the one line….

Lolo's Doodle: I set you free


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