[Doodle] It Must Have been

I tell you what, in my case, 2 things that can make me really really really productive, one, of course, deadline, two, broken heart. Since I like doodling lately, so I make another one out of my latest sad-end-love-story. And I feel so productive instead so sad. it’s a good compensation anyway, rather than get drunk or …. or…. errr… lay on bed all day? which is the opposite of being productive… ugh! I am so not creative!

Anyway, this time, I added more color, red, the color of heart, blood, drama… for me. I think he didn’t like it, cuz when I post it on my socmed, he didn’t comment about it like he did for my other doodles…. oh wait, he also didn’t comment on my previous doodle I set You Free.  I don’t know why, or perhaps I do. Well, one can assume right? One can assume as long as one keeps the assumption for oneself, my wisdom. 😛

Anyway, It must have been love, but its over now…

Lolo's Doodle: It must have been...


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