[Doodle] Perhaps Love: Fairy & Python

I wish there’s a day where I can stop thinking of him… *sigh*…. life is cruel when I am falling in love.  But then broken heart does good to my creativity, I think so, thou I prefer to be inspired by Love. Well, who doesn’t. 🙂  This is my latest doodle. I just love drawing silhouette of a woman or girl. and this time a fairy! or originally I said: elf. I love doodling the fairy’s wing, for the first time I don’t block the silhouette instead make patterns, so patterns on patterns. I drew the elf first, then I drew the snake. The snake was way easier.

I love the part when the finger almost touch the tail, feels like they have connection. Or its just my imagination…. 😛

This time I also tried several backgrounds from applications Pixlr Express, their variety of paper background quite a lot and nice. See how do you like it?

Lolo's Doodle: Perhaps Lofe Elf & Python

So the story behind this doodle:

Once upon a time there was a little fairy who loved adventure. She likes to fly away from the land of fairies just to see new things.

Long enough the fairy watched a python who lives alone in the woods. This fairy fascinated the python. But of course she did not dare to say hello or be acquaintance to the python, like she usually does with other animals in the forest she met. According to the fairy, the python was very charming, powerful, beautiful, but also a little scary. She loves his skin, cause it looks so smooth and has a beautiful pattern. She longed to touch and sweep her fingers over the warm sleek skin that looked really inviting.  

Often the the fairy came to where the python live and take a peek at what he was doing. Sometimes he’s hunting or sleeping or just stretching on the ground look proud.  

After sometimes finally the fairy couldn’t help herself. She muster up her courage and brace that she will touched the mighty snake, So one day, while the python sleeping, the fairy flew slowly approaching the python and sneaking to his back. She held out her hand and sweep her finger upon the shiny skin.

Suddenly the python woke up and catch the fairy with alacrity and wrapped her around tightly enough to almost kill her.

“What are you going to do?” The serpent asked the fairy who were short of breath and started to turn blue. The python loosen the wrap a bit, just enough for breathing space to the fairy….

(to be continued)


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