[Underwater] Frogfish from Menado


How to tell that it is a frogfish 😀

One of the things that makes me really fall in love with the underwater world is the shape and appearance of the underwater creatures. I often laugh hard, almost suffocated, during  diving, just by seeing those creature’s face (or sort of like face). Who says fish do not have facial expression? look at them closely, they are so cute! or… even they look weird, they are still look cute to me… 😀

One of them is Frogfish. I mean, God, seriously? hahahaha … now, I met these 4 Frogfish on my trip to Menado. The black one at Bunaken, the 2 giant white one or not-so-white and the yellow one at Lembeh.

See? They are amusing!

Frogfish - Yellow 2 - Lolo Sianipar Frogfish - White 2 - Lolo Sianipar

Frogfish - White - Lolo Sianipar

IMG_3261_20130904154545532 Frogfish - Lolo SianiparFrogfish - Black - Lolo SianiparFrogfish - Lolo Sianipar


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