[Underwater] The Beautiful Lion Fish


Lionfish first impression was quite scary to me, but the more I see them, almost in my every dive, the more beautiful they look to me. The thorny fins looks like a beautiful scarf surrounding their bodies and it makes them look like a dancer. By far I saw the red, black and brown one in many size, never seen the white one yet. Lion fish can grow to approximately 12-15 inches in length, normal one, however they have been noted to be larger in several areas.

FYI, this beautiful fish are venomous,  the pectoral fins are long and showy, and with a row of long, dorsal spines that contains a venom gland in the distal third of the spine (but not at the tip). Lionfish venom causes painful sting. So be careful, you might want watch your distance whenever you see one.

But it’s not that hard to take their pictures because they not really a fast swimmer, well, not those I was encounter with tho..

lionfish by nina laraswati

This Photo taken by Nina Laraswati, edit by me 🙂

Lolo Sianipar - Lion fishLolo Sianipar - LionfishLolo Sianipar - Lionfishlionfish


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