[Underwater] Banggai Cardinalfish – True Gold of Indonesia

Banggai Cardinalfish

I am so proud to ever see and capture this exquisite fish (capture with camera of course), Banggai Cardinalfish. They are rare, and you can only see this fish in Indonesia. Yay! My very own country. *tears*

I saw this fish first time on my friend’s instagram (you should check his Instagram: http://instagram.com/scubabucketlist). He listing all the bucket list of diver, pretty cool! I instantly asked him where I can see such beauty, a fish that truly has Gold color (and makes gold fish overrated), and he said Lembeh, Indonesia. And… that was 5 days before my diving trip to Menado which is include Lembeh in the itenerary. That was not a coincidence, that was God’s plan, truly.

Here’s a brief explaination regarding Banggai Cardinalfish from wikipedia (click here to go to the page and real the whole article):

The Banggai cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) is a small tropical cardinalfish (family Apogonidae). It is the sole member of the genus Pterapogon, with the exception of Pterapogon mirifica. This attractive fish is popular in the aquarium trade. It is among the relatively few marine fish to have been bred regularly in captivity, but significant numbers are still captured in the wild and it is now an endangered species.

Sadly, they are endangered. 😥

When I saw this special fish on my sunset dive at Lembeh, I was so excited!! Look at their beautiful color, combination of gold, black and white dots and the fin’s shapes are exceptional.

Banggai Cardinalfish - Lolo Sianipar Banggai Cardinalfish - Lolo Sianipar


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