[Underwater] Mr. Turtle, I miss you….

Turtle by Lolo Sianipar

When I was a little kid, my family had a turtle. He wasn’t the kind that have to be in the water all the time, a big black old turtle who always walking around our house without we know when and where. Oh yes, he was big, up to 25 cm long. He walk around like he own the house, sometimes he was just sitting under the cupboard collecting dust, the other times he was already back to his pool. sometimes he was in our bedroom, some other times he was in the living room sleeping under the coffee table for several hours. He’s like part of the family member. We didn’t play with him like we play with our dogs, we treat him more with respect and pick him up put him in his pool if we feel he’s like too dusty. That happened for years of our life, until we realized that we haven’t seen him for a while, so we looked around the house, sweeping every rooms and the yard, but he’s nowhere to be found. Dad said he probably fell into the drain, and we must say bye-bye to Mr. Turtle. I was sad and regret that I didn’t pay enough attention to Mr. Turtle.

That childhood experience sort of create  familiar feelings whenever I see a  turtle. Old face, seems like so wise, calm and relax. First time I saw a wild giant turtle is back few years ago at Derawan, when I haven’t been a scuba diver yet. I was so excited and wish to see more of them. And now, great to know that I can meet many turtles almost in my every dive.  And of course I always take picture of them. No, they are not all look the same….

Mr. Turtle in this post, I met at Bunaken, Menado. He was literally posing to camera. I don’t know whether he’s just too lazy to move or what, but he makes a good model for me… 🙂

Turtle by Lolo Sianipar turtle by lolo sianipar Turtle by Lolo Sianipar Turtle by lolo sianipar


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