It’s Been a While…

It’s been a while since I posted something on my blog. A lot while. A lot had happened and I can’t remember the up and downs or the happiness and pain now. Funny. I missed my own stories. This feeling makes me hesitate to write my blog even more. There’s this lunatic childish person inside me who keep saying nasty things about me being lazy. But today I conquered her.

Maybe I just feel like to post the picture of me and him. The guy that I finally decide to marry. Thou still a lot of deal breakers between now and walking the aisley, but I’ve been thinking of all the steps we’ve made. I’ve made. It is a very very very long way. Infact, I never thought I would go this far. But I did.

It’s been a while really… I might be gone anytime soon. I need to write shits down. For My Remembrance. For future reference. Hmmppppffttt…. future-reference my ass!

But if you asked me how I am doing right now, I would say: I’m fine and falling in love, thank you!

Me and Adi