All ’bout Lolo


sometimes I’m allergic to myself…

This is a page about me. BUT,  trust me, I have no intention to be narcissist 🙂 AT ALL!   This information is just for you to get the idea of who the hell is the woman who writing such blog and why she have to wrote such and such things… and I know, I’m just like you and me, and things had happened in my life…

and if  you already know me for a long long loooong time or perhaps have an idea of who’s Lolo (hahaha, really?), feel free to add more pointers about me from your point of view…. 🙂 looking forward to hear

  1. I’m almost 30 31 32 33 yo now (this point will keep changing of course)
  2. sometimes I feel OLD so OLD! I AM OLD!
  3. I’m Indonesian, I born in Balige, a small town in North Sumatra, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. I think it’ll be a li’l bit hard to find it on Google Earth, but still possible 🙂
  4. I’m working as Public Relations Consultant, and been working as Public Relations Officer for more than 10 12 year now… well, not precisely as a PR but it’s always in my job description.
  5. I’m not girly, but I do wear skirt and dresses often.
  6. I really want to have a nose job. I sort of think it’ll change my fate hahaha… but I never has the courage to do it.
  7. Scrubbing toilet is one of my favorite activities – but only my toilet for sure. I mean making those tiles white and shiny again sort of give me some sense of gratifying, and it’s a good way to release tension (in my case)
  8. Now, I always have this instant fascination when I see/meet an oriental good-looking guy, e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, mostly Asian. their fair skin and slanting eyes is… O well… O well… *sigh*
  9. I loves dancing, love love love it… I’m not a dancer, and my bedroom is my stage with the furniture as my faithful audience.
  10. I have no problem at all being alone or doing things just by myself, kinda a loner too.
  11. Hate it when someone’s calling my name out loud, especially in public places, like yelling y’know… UGH! Hate it! I mean they can just tap my shoulder or come closer so I can hear them calling me without yelling, or just don’t call me at all.
  12. My self-conscious annoyed me sometimes, seriously, as much as I love being spontaneous and everything, I do holding back sometimes and that moment of hesitation… arrgkhh… inconvenient!
  13. I want to be and will be a legend, don’t know how, but stay close to witness it!
  14. Most of the time I will instantly angry if someone talks to me while I’m INSIDE the bathroom. No matter what I’m doing there, take a shower, poo-poo, wash my face, or just staring my face at the mirror. When I’m IN the bathroom or toilet don’t talk to me, wait until I come out!
  15. Thou I’m not afraid to die, I often imagine myself get killed.
  16. I do believe in happy ending, the happily ever after, and want to keep myself that way.
  17. You don’t throw anything over the car window, whenever I see this I lose temper. DO NOT LITTER!
  18. I like answering little kids questions… I mean those questions and mimics just lovable.
  19. My broken dream is to be a hippie…
  20. The idea of God watching me everywhere, every time scares me out of my skull sometimes, cuz I believe He’s LOVE & JUSTICE.
  21. I never get over the death of my “childhood”  dog, his name was Koma. I love him and I miss him so much.
  22. I have this tendency to make a conversation with big dog. I don’t know, but I think they understand me when I’m talking to them.
  23. I don’t follow trend! I don’t like being generic or in the mainstream! that’s why I don’t use Blackberry now… maybe when it’s not so popular again… 🙂 I’m using Blackberry now, because I HAVE TO!  My boss told me so.
  24. I can be sooo ignorant… especially to people or things that annoy me so much.
  25. I loves poems — good one thou, not the cheesy & phony, or all about love ones. I like Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, Sapardi Djoko Damono, Pablo Neruda and several others.
  26. My favorite movie genre is the British Drama
  27. I just found out, I LOVE DINNER ! (end of May 09)  ^^
  28. I just found out a visitor, a girl for sure, who visited my blog on 16th September , and cursed  my post on her Twitter.  Isn’t that funny? (September ’09)
  29. My top favorite sport is swimming and diving! I think I have a mermaid blood in my blood! *lol*
  30. I start running now (September ’09)
  31. I keep falling in and out love, tiring, but if I love someone so much I’m willing to give him anything!
  32. I finally open my own Public Relations Consultant, and this is such a confusing start 🙂 (May 2011)

24 thoughts on “All ’bout Lolo

  1. Pssst…psttt Lolo my old time pal….
    You’re a very talkative person, loveable, a person you can never forget.
    Haven’t seen you for a thousand years, but our sweet conversation during high school remains in my mind now

  2. Hi
    dare to have a nose job.If you choose the right doctor,it’s not scary at all;)…I’ve had a nose job.
    Bytheway,you have a lovely personality…

  3. Dear Marjan,
    Thank you for the encouragement 🙂
    yeah, been looking for a good doctor, and already have the list… al I have to do is consult… but hehehe… i still hesitate…

    Thanks also for the compliments…. no blog to visit? ^_^

  4. Not really
    Actually I live in Iran,and nowadays it’s hard to access to the internet and upgrade my webloge
    Anyways,it’s really nice meeting you Lolo:)

  5. kakak, I’m so in love with you…… so pure, so extrovert, really nice to know u although we didnt do some chit chat for more…… but I knew from the very first time I met u, u’re a great person….. ask mas bram for that….. Luv u, luv u, luv u……. really want to have a sister like u……

  6. 🙂 thanks Grace… and thanks for being here in my blog….

    glad I have a new sister now… keep in touch and let me know what happen with your life…

    hugs and kisses!

  7. Mba Lolo, so happy to find you in the blogging world. Your writings are such pleasure to read.

    Keep in touch,

  8. Lolo… nice info.. jd lbh ngerti nih hehe.. btw koq tth Pak Kolonel Sanders ga dimasukin?:)

  9. Seems nowadays a lot of bataknese women loves oriental men than bataknese men. Is it because the K-pop massive attack in entertainment industries?

    If it is, then I need to gather a group of bataknese men to prevent such that attack!!

    Nice blog btw kak 🙂

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  11. Hi there, very nice blog ! we are looking for contributors for istania blog. please feel free to visit and let me know if we could work something out. have a good day

  12. Hi, can I explore around here? I found your blog when I seek out #coinfotabbott on twitter, I found your tweet there and check your profile then bom! I found this nice blog, tehe. Pardon my lack grammar.

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