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I love chatting, I love arts, I love music, literature and other people insightful writings, cuz you never know where good advices comes from and what people experience in life is one interesting event that most likely you’ll never experience in you life.

It’s Been a While…

It’s been a while since I posted something on my blog. A lot while. A lot had happened and I can’t remember the up and downs or the happiness and pain now. Funny. I missed my own stories. This feeling makes me hesitate to write my blog even more. There’s this lunatic childish person inside me who keep saying nasty things about me being lazy. But today I conquered her.

Maybe I just feel like to post the picture of me and him. The guy that I finally decide to marry. Thou still a lot of deal breakers between now and walking the aisley, but I’ve been thinking of all the steps we’ve made. I’ve made. It is a very very very long way. Infact, I never thought I would go this far. But I did.

It’s been a while really… I might be gone anytime soon. I need to write shits down. For My Remembrance. For future reference. Hmmppppffttt…. future-reference my ass!

But if you asked me how I am doing right now, I would say: I’m fine and falling in love, thank you!

Me and Adi



[Doodle] Free Falling

Sebenarnya doodle kali ini sudah cukup lama aku buat, tapi ternyata menggambar api menyala-nyala yang cukup make sense ga semudah yang aku kira (apa lagi gambarnya untuk sekujur tubuh). Jadi ya lama di nge-edit api-apinya doang… anyhow, I like the end result. Fire!

Free falling by Lolo sianipar - draft

I would like to dedicate this doodle for the feeling I have lately, sometimes I feel so lost that the only thing I can do is falling even thou I don’t know how it will make me or who will catch me. Life is a series of not knowing what happen next anyway….

Free Falling by Lolo Sianipar

[Underwater] Mr. Turtle, I miss you….

Turtle by Lolo Sianipar

When I was a little kid, my family had a turtle. He wasn’t the kind that have to be in the water all the time, a big black old turtle who always walking around our house without we know when and where. Oh yes, he was big, up to 25 cm long. He walk around like he own the house, sometimes he was just sitting under the cupboard collecting dust, the other times he was already back to his pool. sometimes he was in our bedroom, some other times he was in the living room sleeping under the coffee table for several hours. He’s like part of the family member. We didn’t play with him like we play with our dogs, we treat him more with respect and pick him up put him in his pool if we feel he’s like too dusty. That happened for years of our life, until we realized that we haven’t seen him for a while, so we looked around the house, sweeping every rooms and the yard, but he’s nowhere to be found. Dad said he probably fell into the drain, and we must say bye-bye to Mr. Turtle. I was sad and regret that I didn’t pay enough attention to Mr. Turtle. Continue reading

[Underwater] Ghost Scorpion Fish

I would like to dedicate this post to this one funny cranky Scorpionfish. Usually Scorpionfish looks like this picture that I took at Raja Ampat…

G Scorpionfish by Lolo Sianipar

Isn’t it adorable? Cozy-ing on coral like that… 🙂 But then I found one really cute and cranky one at Lembeh, Menado… I gotta dedicated one post for this face LOL! My local guide said it’s name is Ghost Scorpionfish, but if you can tell me the real name, please do… 🙂

Ghost Scorpionfish by Lolo Sianipar 1 Continue reading

[Underwater] Banggai Cardinalfish – True Gold of Indonesia

Banggai Cardinalfish

I am so proud to ever see and capture this exquisite fish (capture with camera of course), Banggai Cardinalfish. They are rare, and you can only see this fish in Indonesia. Yay! My very own country. *tears*

I saw this fish first time on my friend’s instagram (you should check his Instagram: http://instagram.com/scubabucketlist). He listing all the bucket list of diver, pretty cool! I instantly asked him where I can see such beauty, a fish that truly has Gold color (and makes gold fish overrated), and he said Lembeh, Indonesia. And… that was 5 days before my diving trip to Menado which is include Lembeh in the itenerary. That was not a coincidence, that was God’s plan, truly.

Continue reading

[Doodle] Sunflower

Feeling a bit more creative lately, so I decided to make one colorful doodle. The big flower outline was inspired by an adult coloring page that you can find in Google. Yeah, if you feeling like coloring but not drawing you can find thousands of coloring page for grown up, with complicated pattern and coloring on Google. By my aspiration of course not coloring, I like drawing, and this time I decide to draw a flower! Yay. Initial idea, it should look like Vincent Van Gough’s version of Sunflower. Ha ha ha, yeah right…

perhaps you already know, coloring takes more than just creativity but also endurance, not to mention patience. I thought doing it digitally will make it way easier than with the manual watercolor… I was wrong… this one  took three times longer to complete compared to the usual doodling.

Me, Lolo Van Gough…. :))

Sun Flower by Lolo Sianipar